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The time has come and things are popping off!! Yesterday we revealed the cover of our new issue NAKED! Gracing the cover was Jameisha Collins. Naked was created to shed light on reality. I wanted to create something that spoke without many words, hence the quotes you will explore throughout our editorial, shot by photosphere, BrandNu. This issue was risky, because we have a goal to make it on various shelves, newspaper stands and stores and are displaying the one thing people are afraid of, the NAKED truth.

Our features include some great upcoming artist that thrive to create art and to just be themselves while doing it. I respect that and I love creating a platform that sheds light on the positive things people endure in their everyday life, but not just the positive the negative too, because the challenges we endure build our character and show us how we are capable of persevering through everything, as long as you put your mind and spirit to it, you can do it. The people I have interviewed are pure experiences of just that and I want everyone to support them as much as we do here at XI.

This is our special edition and we are proud to have exceeded our normal level of content with 84 pages!!

So enough mumbo jumbo, I will share some pictures we got from the cover reveal and hope to see you at our celebration tomorrow at the Cloak & Dagger 3PM-8PM to celebrate, NAKED!

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