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The question of the entire year is it Coachella or Beychella? Lets just take a moment of silence for the slay Beyonce gave at Coachella! Not only did she bring a 98% black cast of performers she sang the black anthem! If you don't know, these are epic energy shift changers then you must just not be tuned in.

Lets start with the beginning of the production when Bey came out as an Egyptian God! She gracefully walked out and did a slick wardrobe change into her yellow hoodie and crop dukes, Bey University attire! The marching bands, band dancers and more ! Beyonce is changing the game at all mainstream events, pushing black power through with her Black Panthers at the super bowl and now turning Coachella into an entire HBCU. Bey makes it clear that she does not do what she does because of popularity but she does it to speak out and make a difference on important issues that are unheard. Beyonce has also donated $100,000 to four different HBCU colleges, Tuskegee University, Bethune-Cookman University, Xavier University of Louisiana and Wilberforce University. One student from each school will receive the scholarship money.

Well we are here for it, we salute you Beyonce.

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