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Who's the Real G, Guess or Gucci?

The nine year court battle between Guess and Gucci have finally come to an end. Nine years of battling for the creative rights to the famous G, trademark. If you look at the G's they do look very similar but also have some distinct differences. Both brands claim that the reason they both fought to the end of this nine year battle was to make a point of how important it is to protect your brand and creative designs.

Beginning in 2009, Gucci took Guess to court because of the Guess logo with the interlocking G's with a diamond pattern accusing Guess of brand counterfeiting designs. After Gucci won the first lawsuit they went forward to sue all the Guess all over the world from Italy, France, Australia, China, Milan, and Paris.

All but Paris ruled in favor of Gucci, but the lawsuit trend has not come to an end because they now are seeing Forever 21 for the red, green, red pattern and the red, blue, red pattern found on certain Gucci designs.


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