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Virgo Season

As we all know Virgo season is here and it is no less than perfection! So if you don't have a Virgo to celebrate we have a couple of celebrity Virgo's you can tis the season about! Starting off with wishing our very own editor in chief Bettya Burgess a Happy Solar Return September 19th. She has the pleasure of sharing this Virgo zodiac with Super duper guru's like Michael Jackson (8/29) , Cameron Dias (8/30), Beyoncé (9/4) Jennifer Hudson and Emmy Rossum (9/12) Prince Harry (9/15) and Jada Pinkett (9/18). Lets celebrate the Virgo and embrace the season!!

This is the year of blessings and shine for the Virgo! As Jupiter floods the zodiac gifts of financial stimulation and prosperity are in the air and just waiting to be taken advantage of, so don't get too analytical with your decisions and remember to follow your heart.

Happy Birthday to our Editor in Chief, B.B.Bey

Bettya Burgess 9/19

Michael Jackson 8/29

Beyoncé 9/4

Prince Harry 9/15

Jennifer Hudson 9/12

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