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Voting or Nah?

As a divergent I am here to say that a lot of people continue to ask the same question; are you voting this year? I don't know what it is, maybe it is a famous ice breaker question, because as November approaches that seems to be all that people care about.

Now I follow politics just to make sure I am keeping up with the massive fall of our government but really I don't believe America is a real democracy and in return choose to live my life as an unregistered citizen voter! That's right folks! I could give two shits about adding my personal energy into the political mix by any means; but don't get me wrong that doesn't mean the masses should not continue the shenanigans.


Now lets just start hmmm here; back in 2015, the day misery began was the day Trump performed his inauguration speech. Everyone worked their hard minds and bodies off to convince the world to choose between two devils (Hilary, Trump), and lets just say the least liked devil(Trump) was pushed through the political gates greeting us in perfect formation to demolish a country already in the ruins, at least that's what everyone thought.

So what now? Do we continue to let the government run an illusionistic party at the expense of our lives and our family members lives, continuing to attempt survival in this corrupted society? Or do we shake things up?

At this point there have been a lot of changes in the white house, in our country and in a lot of our policies, but where is the balance created so that the people still have a voice and change that actually provokes positive outcome in daily society?

Ill tell you! The balance is created through taking back our neighborhoods and to legally do that we must play the game. Now, as we all know that Trump and the electoral college took the last election but that does not mean they can take the state! Yes! The electoral college have power in the presidential election to represent the face of the country but the people control the state, and if everyone votes for their living district, we could possibly change hoods around the world. Miss Black America DC states, "You should vote to take control of your narrative so your story is not written for you." And as bad as I want to disagree, she is right, which is the catch 22 of all urban communities.

The gamble would be citizens taking the time to follow politics and financially support politicians that provoke change in a transitional society. The Washington Post projected that 43% of the voters registered ad have decided not to vote. So if we are not voting to control the government what are we doing? Now is the time to take control and participate, now is the time to put our own people in the office to provoke change! If we don't do it now then we are only sacrificing moments of opportunity. So lets stand, unite and plan!

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