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5 Ways to Survive the Government Shutdown

If you have a government job and your feeling scared or maybe like you don't know your next move let us hand some pointers! Here are 5 Ways to Survive the government Shutdown!

1.Freeze your subscriptions (Netflix, iTunes)

Every penny counts! In emergency situations for everyday people going through the government shutdown saving your money and being mindful about your spending will be essential and subscriptions are the best ways to get your money snatched from your account off guard, so cancel those subscriptions ladies and gentlemen.

2. Apply for side income jobs or expand your personal business

Now more than ever is the time to dive into your business while you have spare time. Take the time to plan and convict the ideas you have for your business revenue increase, go to networking events and get out and market your ideas! If you don't have a business, start one or apply for a gig that will fit your financial needs.

3. Use your saving to pay your bills ahead if possible

If you have saving use 10% to cover bills or catch up on late payments. It is important not to fall too far behind on your bills and will give you less stress in the end.

4. Communicate with your creditors

Don't be afraid to call your creditors and collectors to let them know about any financial grievances you may have. Many credit bureaus are understanding as long as your communicate your hardship.

5. Stay Positive

Money is nothing but your energy is everything. Remember they can take your job but they can not take your spirit, your will or your skill!


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