Out With the Old, in With Supremacy

January 29, 2019




Photography: Troy Mattison


Out with the Old and in with Supremacy!

Where entrepreneurs connect.

by B.B.BEY on January 29, 2019








Last week Supremacy Presents hosted their first event of the year, Out with the Old and in with Supremacy Black Tie Gala  at La’ Vie DC. ! Now for those who do not know, Supremacy Presents are pretty much known for having the hottest networking events with even hotter and successful entrepreneurs in the DMV that attend! From barbershop owners to traveling companies everyone in the room was a beneficial contact to bump shoulders and build with. We spotted stylist Taylor of Taylord LLC., Omar Ortiz of Forward Management  just to name a few.  Honestly I knew the moment my boo thang and I rode the elevator to the 5th floor, that the event would be lavish.  


The finger food was exquisite and the music was totally on point as Ryan Collins and her band rocked the crowd and kept the energy high performing the old and new hits. As for the attire, everyone was snatched and groomed from head to toe wearing shimmering gowns, slick suits and fabulously dressed for the occasion. However, the best part of the night was when the ladies of Supremacy got on the mic every so often to offer  business advice, encouragement and/or an opportunity for entrepreneurs to expose their business and gain clients or connect with like minded individuals. They have a genuine goal for entrepreneurs to thrive and be successful.


Being an entrepreneur is difficult enough, especially in the city. It is hard to get support, gain and grow your business due to  non- believers and a lack of support from the community. I am not sure if Latrion Fields and Lanea Edwards know that they have started an all high epidemic of  networking while also creating a culture of connecting like minded, free minded and creative individuals in the city; but they are surely onto something.


“We have a goal to support entrepreneurs that are seeking to build  long term relationships while helping the foundational growth and networking  skills of the  entrepreneur. We offer an open, friendly, creative environment which allows a balance of different vibes to connect, while leaving our pride and shyness at the door”, says Latrion Fields.


Personally I am honored to have attended the event and plan on support the many networking endeavors that are to come! Good job ladies, keep it going! The city needs it! Cheers to that!




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Out With the Old, in With Supremacy

January 29, 2019

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