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Let's Talk Travel "Dreamtrips", Making your Money Work for You!!

So last year I decided to take a risk and live life to my fullest extent! And as 2019 gets geared up, I have actively started to make those small investment steps. The plan is to live my life as I visualize it, bringing those vision board moments to reality.

I started with travel. Traveling is something I have always wanted to get into but never had enough money. Now that I am older I have come to realize that it isn't about the money so much as it is about making it apart of your lifestyle.

I remember when I use to see people living their best life on Instagram all I could think was wait a minute what are they doing for a living because so and so is always out of the country? Little did I know these "people" have invested in themselves so that vacation can be apart of their lifestyle.

Today we are going to spill the juicy details on how to get in on this travel, lifestyle investment. So lets get to it!

One of my traveling friends were advertising the travel deals she receives from her membered company and at that moment I said Self! It is time! I immediately hit her up and asked how can I join this company. We set a date and met up! As soon as I signed up I knew that I was moving in the right direction.

The company is called Dreatrips, they are owned by World Ventures and have the goal to turn their travel group into the facebook of travel. Now when I first signed up I thought I was just getting good deals, but there are way more incentives!

World Venture has created Dreamtrips so that their members can receive wholesale prices for trips. The coolest part about becoming a member is that members receive100 points and their very own portal to and research and book vacations! That's right! No more Expedia or you can book on your own! Flights, cruises, activities ,

The importance of the portal bring me to my next amazing feature you receive as a Platinum Dreamtrips member. The portal allows you to create and obtain a point system of your own. Every point is worth $1 and every $1 is worth a point. So ladies and gentlemen this means that every dollar you spend inside of your portal is coming back to you in points which are counted as cash money dollars.

Just when I thought the greatness would diminish my membership just got better. Not only is every point worth $1 but you can also get a percentage of your money back by sending your receipts in to a company called Rovia.

Now when I say these resorts are completely 5 star resorts for 2 star prices I lie to you not! The resort prices also include all inclusive dinner and drinks and complimentary activities for your trip. Please believe me when I say I didn't believe it either, but it is real ya'll!

I haven't even gotten to the kicker just yet, but let me just finish by adding that they also offer discounts and Rovia bucks that deem all members eligible for to receive money back for our everyday retail online shopping (Walmart, Adidas, just started a Dreamtrips Concierge service that can be used at your disposal at anytime. Rovia redeems a percentage of your travel expenses after you return from your trip! Anything from flight to dining as long as you SEND IN YOUR RECEIPT. Concert tickets, lifestyle necessities the works!

Now lets rewind to some of the incentives they offer, this month they are giving every member 2000 points! Yes, 2000 points and if you know anything about World Ventures you know every point equals a dollar and every dollar equals a point! The fun thing about Dreamtrips is that every time you book a trip you receive equivalent points per dollar spent! You literally get out what you put in and other people can book trips in your portal and you gain the points.

There are a lot of companies out there, but this is the first company I have experienced that allows you to invest in you! Also their ideals are Fun, Freedom , and Fulfillment!

If you are interested in Dreamtrips come out, sign up and join the fun!!!!

Register on Eventbrite today! Link below!

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