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*Disclaimer* Every week we will introduce new black businesses emerging to weed out the out sourcing of mainstream companies in our community.*

Everyone knows the marijuana industry is booming right now! From the stock market to the streets even everyday people like Alex Johnson are exploring the industry with his new rolling papers product, King Dew.

The concept of King Dew was created based on Alex Johnson’s love of connecting with people while indulging in a variety of strains combined with the inspiration of his Husky dog named Dewy. The surrounding background of his packaging is the Maryland flag, which represents his hometown Prince George's County, Maryland.

"I like creating my own things like a beer pong table that makes my own beer, I have a lot of art on my wall and I don’ t know, I like creating stuff and I throw parties so I thought, what better way to bring people together than through rolling papers."

He chooses the quality of the paper for his clients by conducting survey's of what people like to roll in and smoke out of, and the survey says smokers prefer to smoke out of natural papers that emulate the popular rolling paper company, RAW.

King Dew sheets represent the M in the DMV and hold the exact same quality as any major label, "the pull is slow and the papers are natural", says Johnson. "King Dew is really about representing the area," he continues.

Support King Dew rolling paper today! For more information visit them on IG @kingdew_rollingpapers, Home of the DMV’s finest rolling papers.

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