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The World is Slowly Shutting Down...Just Make Sure You Don't!

This new pandemic, Ms. Corona also known as the COVID-19 has changed the way of the world in a matter of weeks. Every media outlet is raging and the public is in an all time frenzy! So we wanted to be the light in the darkness and offer real time comfort in a frantic situation. First, lets talk about how to stay as healthy as you can during the pandemic and after.

1. Keep your hands washed! Washing your hands decreases your chances of germs and the virus.

2. Social Distancing! Be mindful of who you come into contact with and be cautious of random contact of persons.

3. Keep your mental health! Stay busy and use your down time to prepare for when this is over.

4. This is the time to support each other more than ever! If you know someone in need, help them if you can.

5. Save your money! Try not to spend money on unnecessary things and keep at least $200 of cash or more away somewhere you can physically touch.

6. Be mindful of your states law changes according to State of Emergency. State of emergencies immediately replaces constitutional rights to Marshal Law under government military control.

Now that we have covered that, with all this repetitive information, theories and panic that is happening in our world keep your head up and your family safe. If we all do our part, we will thrive through this as we do everything else.

Below there is a video that gives some background on the virus and where it derived from, check it out!

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