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Quarantine Binge Watchin'

Well, we are all in the house! This experience thus far is both agonizing yet replenishing. Our number one lesson here is how to be still in your own space and with all the challenges going around being still seems to be the biggest one. But there is always that one thing that can keep you in place and that is, a good series television series to binge! Here are our top five shows to binge during your quarantine!

1. Little Fires Everywhere

Little fires everywhere is a drama starring Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. The drama is about a single black mother and artist that moves around a lot and settles in a predominately white town. She starts to work for a wealthy townswoman that wants to get to know her a little too much that she desires. Check this series out on HULU.

2. The Hunters

The Hunters is an action series that explores the explores the theory that Nazi's are infiltrated throughout the American government. The Hunters are a group of radicals that slay Nazi's in the process of finding the leader they call, the Wolf. Check this series out on Amazon Prime.

3. This is Us

This is Us is a wonderful, classic family series about a family that loses their loving father and deal with their present as it connects to their past. The script is beautifully written and is a define heart jerker! Check this series out on NBC.

4. Martin

If you haven't seen Martin, this is the perfect time! Martin is a hilarious classic series created by DMV's only Martin Lawerence. The series explores the dynamic of the black man and woman relationship in the early 90's. Check this series out on Amazon Prime.

5. Twenties

Twenties is a brand new series by the lovely Lina Waithe. The series actually is a rendition of her life in her twenties showing the experiences that built her to the Lena Waithe we see today. Check this series out on BET!

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